How this campaign started

The Grassroots Solidarity Revolution sprang from hours of meaningful connections and conversations by five grassroots activists known as the Grassroots Changemakers and the global alliance for civil society, CIVICUS. We have been working tirelessly together since January 2021, co-creating a grassroots-led campaign that prioritises grassroots needs, visions, voices and ideas to engage donors, allies and other key actors in shifting more and better resources to grassroots activism.

We have spent weeks consulting grassroots groups from many countries and analysing their resourcing challenges to develop the campaign strategy. We also sense-checked the approach with a few donors and allies.

We haven’t met in person because we are spread across four continents and remain restricted by the pandemic. But even being limited to virtual encounters, our co-creation journey showed us the beauty of having spaces for dialogue, healing and joint work. We thought that providing similar spaces for grassroots activists, donors and allies could help break the barriers that separate us and become a fertile ground for solidarity and co-creating alternatives to support
grassroots activists.

This is how we envision the Grassroots Solidarity Revolution that starts now!

Sam, Naro, Nawa, Dahlia and Tina are the amazing grassroots activists who helped co-create this campaign. Visit this page to learn more about them