Let’s reimagine and recreate the realities of activists
on the front lines of change for hope and empowerment!
The Grassroots Solidarity Revolution goes beyond moving more grants to the grassroots or putting band-aids on current resourcing challenges. We envision activists, donors and allies transforming our relationships, boosting our collective power and co-creating solutions to our shared challenges. This radical solidarity would help release the flow of energy, care and resources to support grassroots activism and drive just, inclusive change around the world! 
We want to reimagine the present and build realities where:
          • Grassroots activism is humanised, celebrated, free from stigma, and publicly supported.
          • Grassroots activists have the resources, agency and autonomy needed to pursue their causes and secure dignified working and wellbeing conditions. 
          • Donors, allies and activists build meaningful and caring relationships and work in true partnerships to co-create solutions and drive social change.  
          • Access to funding and resources is not burdening, oppressive or unjust and does not restrict the causes and agendas of grassroots groups. Instead, it promotes autonomy, strengthening, resilience, creativity, innovation and long-term sustainability.